About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine (Infect Dis Trop Med) (e-ISSN: 2379-4054) is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed medical journal that plays a pivotal role in the dissemination of significant advancements in the fields of infectious diseases and tropical medicine. Infect Dis Trop Med is committed to publishing a wide array of scholarly articles, including the following types:

  • Original Articles
  • Brief Commentaries
  • Narrative Reviews
  • Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
  • Case Reports
  • Editorials
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Case/Photo Quiz
  • Clinical Trials

Our aim is to serve as a reliable tool for sharing scientific knowledge and discussing challenges and innovative aspects regarding infectious diseases.

IDTM strives to bridge the gap between fundamental discoveries in basic science and translational research, encompassing a broad scope that includes but is not limited to basic research, prevention, translational research, public health, pharmacology and pharmacogenomics, treatment, care for elderly patients, virus-related tumors, innovative diagnostic and pathological approaches, and clinical-experimental diseases.


The topics covered within Infect Dis Trop Med include:

  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Clinical Pathology
  • COVID-19
  • EBV and human endogenous retroviruses
  • Hepatitis
  • Hospital Infection
  • Infectious Diseases and Cancer
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Parasitology
  • Tuberculosis
  • Vaccines
  • Viral Hepatitis


If authors are unsure whether their manuscript falls within the scope of the journal, they should contact the Journal by sending an e-mail to submission.idtm@verduci.it for an opinion prior to submission.

Article Processing Charges (APCs)

In line with our commitment to open-access publishing, the journal does not charge any Article Processing Charges (APCs) or submission fees, ensuring that financial barriers do not impede the publication of valuable work.

Publication Frequency

Infect Dis Trop Med has a continuous publication frequency, with articles released throughout the year as soon as they are ready. This approach ensures the timely dissemination of research findings and maintains a steady flow of high-quality content in the fields of infectious diseases and tropical medicine.

Language and Services

The primary language of publication for Infect Dis Trop Med is English (American or British English use is accepted, but not a mixture of these). Authors are expected to submit manuscripts with clear, concise language and adhere to the conventions of proper grammar and spelling. In cases where English proofreading is recommended before acceptance, authors are encouraged to seek assistance from native English speakers to ensure the clarity and quality of their final manuscript. Alternatively, they may require the English Language Editing service available from Verduci Editore Author Services. The price for the English editing service is Euro 350.00.

An additional manuscript formatting service can be offered upon request. It includes the formatting of the manuscript and references according to our editorial guidelines. The price for this service is Euro 250.00.